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India’s Quit Tobacco Programme

An evaluation by the health ministry at the end of the programme’s first year, covering over 12,000 registered users, demonstrated an average quit rate of about 7 per cent among both smoke and smokeless tobacco users, a WHO report on global tobacco epidemic 2017 said. http://www.ndtv.com/india-news/over-2-million-enrolled-in-indias-quit-tobacco-prog-in-a-year-who-1728209 Read More »

Gravity Light !!

Energy conservation is the method we can reduce our daily energy consumption by using less energy service. It is very necessary to maintain the availability of the natural resources for the continuity of life on this planet. Read More »

Drug Development

A team of researchers, headed by the Drug Delivery Group at Uppsala University, may now be on the track of a solution through a new, small-scale and fast method of determining a drug’s bioavailability (the fraction available to work in biological processes) inside cultured cells. Read more @http://www.worldpharmanews.com/research/4016-shortcut-method-in-drug-development Read More »

Nanhi Kali Summer Camp 2017

Project Nanhi Kali organised summer camps, with the belief in nurturing interests and talents of our Nanhi Kalis beyond just school text books. These were held at the Academic Support Centres (ASCs) in different locations at different times, in end April, May and early June. Read more @http://www.nanhikali.org/in-the-news/in-the-news-details.aspx?id=9061 Read More »

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