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Major Hub of Indian pharma manufacturing is back up and running !

With the spotlight on the global pharmaceutical supply chain, a lockdown at a major Indian manufacturing hub earlier this month caused waves of unrest. Now, weeks later, that hub is back up and running—but concerns about India’s control of the U.S. drug supply tap are still alive and well. A manufacturing campus in Baddi, India—responsible for 35% to 40% of ... Read More »

After Decades Vrishabhavathi shows crystal clear water !

The lockdown may end up helping Bengaluru rediscover its lost river, Vrishabhavathi. The sooty, stinking water body that is born somewhere in the heart of Bengaluru and flows out of the city has not only turned light green but has also seen a sharp drop in frothing.“Since the lockdown, there is 90% reduction in the formation of froth along the river. ... Read More »

Health care system of India is well versed to deal with a pandemic like COVID-19 !

India’s healthcare system is well equipped to deal with COVID-19 pandemic besides taking care of the other basic needs of the poor people. The weaknesses of the lopsided health systems of several countries have also been exposed at this time of COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, according to Indian Medical Association (IMA). IMA stated that the country is on the threshold and ... Read More »

Need access to Medicines? Visit- Medicalwale.com

Medicalwale.com, an omni-channel healthcare platform, has tied-up with over 5,000 local pharmacies in Mumbai to help people get access to medicines and health essentials while staying quarantined in their homes. Users can now easily order medicines, OTC products and daily products as the platform works tirelessly round the clock with pharmacy stores, distributors and manufacturers. The company’s aim is to ... Read More »

Government’s move to promote manufacturing of APIs’

The government’s move to promote domestic manufacturing of critical bulk drugs is a major step in the creation of a self-sufficient healthcare ecosystem in the country, industry body Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA).The statement came a day after the government approved a package comprising four schemes with a total outlay of Rs 13,760 crore to boost domestic production of bulk drugs ... Read More »

Expressing Gratitude towards all the Doctors on this World Health Day !

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the World Health Day is an opportunity to reaffirm our gratitude towards all doctors, nurses, medical staff and healthcare workers leading the battle against COVID-19. “Today on #WorldHealthDay, let us not only pray for each other’s good health and well-being but also reaffirm our gratitude towards all ... Read More »

Portable Ventilators by researchers at IIT Kanpur

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) have initiated steps to develop portable ventilators which are manufactured at a very low cost when compared to those available in the market. As the number of cases of COVID-19 rising significantly with each passing day in the country, the demand for ventilators is growing tremendously. ... Read More »

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