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“Comparisons” !!

Shweta covered a distance of 10 km in one hour. Akash covered the same distance in one and a half hours. Which of the two is faster and healthier?? Of course our answer will be Shweta. What if we say that Shweta covered this distance on a prepared track while Akash did it by walking on a sandy path??? Then ... Read More »

“Let’s Make This Summer Green” campaign launched by DEWA

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) launched its ‘Let’s Make This Summer Green’ campaign for the sixth consecutive year. Themed ‘Make Unforgettable Memories’, the three-month campaign will take place digitally across DEWA’s social media channels, as well as its internal and external channels. The campaign encourages individuals and organisations to adopt a smart and sustainable lifestyle for a positive environmental ... Read More »

This global pandemic encourages Fitness Technology over the world!

Medical device experts say fitness technology has got a big boost during Covid-19 pandemic as a lot of entrepreneurs and companies have devised innovative ways of building technology in home fitness. With most countries imposing a lock-down because of coronavirus, the movement of people outside their home got limited and they had to look for other alternatives like fitness technologies. ... Read More »

Some insights through the eyes of a marathon runner !

Marathons are a great metaphor for careers, building businesses and winning in life! Here are few perceptions from one of our associate’s marathon experiences: 1. You don’t run 42km once, You run one kilometer forty-two times.Focus on the present. And only on the present. 2. A marathon is a 10km race with a 32km warmup. Start slow, finish strong. Compounding is ... Read More »

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