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Save Water today, or tomorrow you’ll pay !

It is a common saying that there is power in numbers, which means that if all of us get together and do our small parts in saving water, we will surely be able to do so collectively. While individual acts of saving water can do little, if all of us waste less water, or more judiciously consume water, it will ... Read More »

Entrepreneurism Requires More Determination Than Luck!

Entrepreneurism is actually more a function of hard work, networking, and certainly a dash of creative thinking than it is eccentricity, luck, or superior genius. Some people think of entrepreneurs as eccentric inventors who come up with an ingenious idea or get lucky when an out-of-the-box idea simply “sticks” in our increasingly viral and social-media driven environment. But entrepreneurism is ... Read More »

Value & Invest in Yourself!

If you are into financial investment, you’re probably very familiar with Mr. Warren Buffet (1951–present). He is the most successful investor in the world. His investment strategies are legendary and many people seek to learn after him. Even more respectable, he pledged to give away 99% of his wealth (more than $30 billions at the time of the pledge in 2006) ... Read More »

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