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Science Says These 5 Fruits Can Help You Reduce Blood Pressure!

Whether you are planning  tp loose weight or trying to get fit, your diet plan is pretty much incomplete without fruits. They are a powerhouse of nutrition, packed with all essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, dietary fibre, etc, that aid the proper functioning of the human body. Also, studies point out that the regular consumption of fruits can help ... Read More »

Research finds E-cigarettes are better for quitting smoking…

A Cochrane review, published on 17 November 2022, has concluded that there is a “strong certainty” that people who use nicotine-containing e-cigarettes to help them stop smoking are more likely to quit than those who use other forms of nicotine replacement therapy. Researchers from the international Cochrane Collaboration reviewed current evidence and included 78 studies (22,052 participants), of which half ... Read More »

Drug Development

A team of researchers, headed by the Drug Delivery Group at Uppsala University, may now be on the track of a solution through a new, small-scale and fast method of determining a drug’s bioavailability (the fraction available to work in biological processes) inside cultured cells. Read more @http://www.worldpharmanews.com/research/4016-shortcut-method-in-drug-development Read More »


Impurities in pharmaceuticals are the unwanted chemicals that remain with the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), or develop during formulation, or upon aging of both API and formulated APIs to medicines. Impurities are substances inside a confined amount of liquid, gas, or solid, which differ from the chemical composition of the material or compound. Impurities are either naturally occurring or added ... Read More »

Plant extract shows promise in treating pancreatic cancer

Plant extract shows promise in treating pancreatic cancer A natural extract derived from India’s neem tree could potentially be used to treat pancreatic cancer, according to a new study in the journal Scientific Reports. Biomedical scientists at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso (TTUHSC El Paso) tested nimbolide, a compound found in neem leaves, against pancreatic cancer in ... Read More »

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