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VIVAN’s Work Practice & Ethics

We encompass a strict code of conduct Though we are “Our Associates First approach” Company, We shall keep our Client’s requirements in focus all the time, and ensure “Global Standards” in providing the best possible products & Services. We are committed to follow, the good business practices and ethics in our operations Our Total Trust approach encompasses a strict Code of Conduct, for each ... Read More »

Plant for the Planet !

Trees are like the lungs of the planet.Forest is an app helping you stay away from your smartphone and stay focused on your work. Every day number of tress disappear from the face of the earth. Every tree that is planted soaks up many tons of carbon from the atmosphere while it growsFour trees planted around a home can save up ... Read More »

Citizens of Kolkata Planted 1000 Trees to Transform Their Locality ; 5 Ways You Can Start Now Too

“Air Pollution” is a big problem in India. The cities are densely populated and have left little space for nature and biodiversity to thrive and Many residents keep criticizing the government policies, Realizing this, 47 years old Kolkata’s Biswajit Majumder who hails from West Bengal’s Newtown city started exploring ways a common man can contribute to mitigating pollution. “In Newtown, ... Read More »

VIVAN’s Research and Development center!

Our Associates have always been our strength, and the reason for VIVAN’s success. Thank you everyone one who has been a part of our company’s success over the years. We greatly appreciate and value You all… Here are few pictures of our associates in Hyderabad office as they celebrate VIVAN’s 13th Anniversary! Twinning with the team! Proficiency in chemistry as well ... Read More »

VIVAN celebrates its 13th Anniversary !!!

On 16th May, we celebrated our 13th Anniversary… We are 13 years young marching towards our goal with relentless commitment. We look forward to a joyful journey ahead to reach extraordinary goals that we have set for the future ! Thank you everyone one who has been a part of our company’s success over the years. We greatly appreciate and ... Read More »

Faster, fitter?

Not really, says Spaulding Rehab expert. When you go for a walk, focus on this instead. It’s not about the speed of walking because that’s going to be dependent on the person and where they’re walking. It’s really about two things that you can measure — target heart rate and the rate of perceived exertion. If you just go for ... Read More »

National Technology Day 2023!

National Technology Day is celebrated every year on May 11. This day commemorates India’s successful nuclear tests that were conducted on May 11th, 1998, at Pokhran, Rajasthan. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of Indian scientists and engineers who have contributed to the development of technology in various fields. Every year since 1999, the Technology Development Board (TDB) ... Read More »

92-YO Helped His Housing Society Save 2 Lakh Liters of Water & Reduced Electricity Bills to Half…

During the monsoon, Mumbai faces two major issues — waterlogging and high electricity bills. But one housing society is free from both these troubles. Behind this is 92-year-old Navin Chandra chairman of the residential complex Sealine Housing Society. He is tackling society’s water and electricity crisis with sustainable solutions. After noticing the grim reality of Mumbai’s water needs, as well ... Read More »

World Heritage Day 2023!

April 18th marks the observance of World Heritage Day, also referred to as International Day for Monuments and Sites. The primary objective of this day is to raise awareness of the significance of safeguarding cultural heritage, including historical structures, landmarks, and archaeological locations, and to celebrate the variety of global heritage. The day is intended to promote recognition of the ... Read More »

Ambedkar Jayanti 2023: All You Need To Know About Dr BR Ambedkar

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated on April 14 to mark the birth anniversary of the father of the Indian Constitution, Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. A jurist, politician, economist, and social reformer, Dr BR Ambedkar strived for the upliftment of Dalits and those from backward communities. Dr BR Ambedkar or Babasaheb was born on April 14, 1891, in Mhow, in present-day Madhya Pradesh. ... Read More »

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