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Emerging Trends shaping the Healthcare Industry !

Emerging Trends shaping the Healthcare Industry !

The healthcare industry is witnessing different emerging trends such as teleconsultation, increasing awareness around mental health, 25% increased reliance on medicine delivery platforms and health content consumption, according to Rajat Garg, CEO and co-founder, myUpchar.

“In these unprecedented times of a global healthcare crisis, we have witnessed disruption of not only industries and economies but also in the way people behave and conduct themselves. The coronavirus pandemic has specifically affected the way people approach healthcare and their overall perception towards health, a change that will lead to a systemic shift in the healthcare landscape leading to the following emerging trends in the future,” Garg added.

Teleconsultation has emerged as a game changer as since the outbreak, many small and clinics have been closed and their doctors have turned to online consultation.

Garg stated that teleconsultation has dual advantage as it prevents patients with generic health problems and routine check-ups from visiting the hospitals and risk getting infected, and it is convenient to consult a doctor in any part of the country without having to travel the distance.

Follow-on consultations are also easy, as patients can share their test results on e-mail or WhatsApp, and call again to take the doctor’s opinion.

People are changing their trends as they are going for holistic approach towards health has resulted in more people trying to eat healthy and keep fit by undertaking some form of exercise and opting for preventive and immunity boosting medication. Sudden impact of a virus has certainly increased people’s concern towards their health.

“The surge in teleconsultation is matched by the increasing reliance on the delivery of medicines via medicine delivery platforms in these times. Due to the adherence to social distancing norms, people are preferring to purchase medicines online instead of going down to the nearby chemist or pharmacy. It is both effort saving and safe. Online medicine delivery companies deliver medicines at your doorsteps with proper safety measures both for the buyer and the delivery guys. Such a change has the potential to last, even in the post-COVID-19 era,” added Garg.

Reference: Pharmabiz

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