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Kitchen Waste to Cooking Fuel and Fertilizer !

Kitchen Waste to Cooking Fuel and Fertilizer !

Every time you cross an area with an open garbage dump, you would, most often, cringe with disgust, guard your nose, turn your eyes and walk away.

A mechanical engineer with a PhD from the University of Michigan, USA, he chose to confront and solve the issue.

However, it wasn’t easy even for Kabir, who, apart from holding a doctorate, has had a rich experience in the field. The challenge was in making it convenient and easy for anyone to use.

After a series of trial and errors, he eventually perfected the Dedko under his company, Flycatcher Technologies in 2014.

The Dedko, which costs Rs 25,000, also has a larger version called the Rhino, used for housing societies, institutions etc. The price of this bigger version varies between Rs 2 lakh and Rs 22 lakh, depending on its capacity.

Also, as a by-product, the machine produces liquid fertiliser, which has a separate outlet and can be used for home plants. With waste management becoming one of the most pressing issues in the country, such an invention of an affordable and convenient waste digester for the masses shows a step towards positive and sustainable change.

Reference: The Better India

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