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Problem-Solving Strategy! This Venture Is Fixing Potholes In 15 Minutes With Automated Machine

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways conducted a survey and found that potholes were the cause of 4,775 and 3,564 accidents in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Road accidents and deaths due to potholes appear to rise yearly, especially during the monsoon season when water takes over the space. The only way to fix potholes and improve road infrastructure is ... Read More »

“Attitude Matters”

“Attitude Matters” Once a Bird asked a Bee: After constant hard-work, you prepare honey. But a man comes & steals it. Do you  not  feel  sad ? Wonderful  reply  by  Bee: Never…  Because  only  thing  man  can  do  is  to steal  ‘my  honey’…  not  the  ‘art  of  making  honey’… In  this  world,  anyone  can  copy  your  CREATIONS  but  no  one  ... Read More »

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