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15,000 pharmacy stores to be offered by StayHappi Pharmacy in the coming years !

15,000 pharmacy stores to be offered by StayHappi Pharmacy in the coming years !

StayHappi Pharmacy, a Delhi-based company offering generic medicines through retail and online pharmacy, which currently has 620 stores, is planning to open 15,000 pharmacy stores pan-India over the next four years.

“Currently we are trying to expand by 50 pharmacies a month. Our goal is to reach 1,000 by the end of this year. We will be able to impact the lives of 100 crore people in helping them reduce their monthly medicine expenditure,” the company stated.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a severe economic downturn, impacting industries and businesses in a variety of ways. However, in these difficult times, online pharmacies emerged as one of the biggest beneficiaries during the lockdown. People chose to buy medicines online to reduce the risk of infection. As this sector grew exponentially during a pandemic, many retailers acquired in local online pharmacies,” stated Arushi Jain, executive director, StayHappi Pharmacy.

The Indian e- pharma market is all poised to touch US$ 2.7 billion in the next four years by 2023 from about US$ 360 million at present, according to a new EY report ‘e-pharma: delivering healthier outcomes’.

The company stated that it is able to limit the unproductive costs on marketing, promotion, supply chain, freebies and other expenses and to pass on the benefit of cost curtailment to the consumers, through direct supply retail chain, throughout the country.

The company stated that pandemic unmistakably showed how the physical and online e-pharmacy need to work and both play a critical part in improving admittance to quality and moderate prescriptions the nation over.

StayHappi Pharmacy is an initiative of SarvaGunAushdhi Private Limited and provides medicines with their molecule name and not by the brand name, where patients will have the power to choose the right medicine and make a smart choice. With StayHappi Pharmacy, patients have the power to choose quality generics medicines across all therapeutic segments at prices that are 30%-90% less than the commonly retailed price of the same medicine in India.

Reference: Pharmabiz

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