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Delhi- Based Startup is Reducing Carbon Footprints Through Upcycling

Delhi- Based Startup is Reducing Carbon Footprints Through Upcycling

According to a government report, India generates over 3.5 million tons of plastic waste annually, and the per capita plastic waste generation has doubled over the last five years.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) suggests that plastic waste in India contributes to 8 per cent of the total solid waste. The plastic waste going into landfills and other places threatens the environment, including air pollution.

To tackle the issue, Econscious is a Delhi-based startup which aims to help people reduce their carbon footprint by collecting & up-cycling their plastic waste into gifting & public utility products.

Established in 2020 by Sonal Shukla and Vaibhav Verma with a vision to create a plastic-free society where people are aware of the affliction caused by plastic waste.

A Sustainability-Driven Startup

The Co-Founder of Econscious, Sonal Shukla, says, “I believe this is the high time that we need to think of value-based recycling and recycled products in India along with the reuse and reduce concept. We are changing the perception of recycled products with our unique product portfolio.”

The sustainability-driven startup upcycles the plastic waste collected from households, schools, and industries into pots, planters, office supplies, and outdoor public place products such as benches and dustbins.

The products are entirely made from plastic waste, are unique, impactful, and capable of creating awareness in society.

So far, the startup has diverted more than 50,000 KGs of plastic from going into landfills and is envisioned to increase it by five times in the next few months.

For A Better Future!

The team members of Econscious have also participated in numerous workshops and seminars to educate and spread awareness among people about eliminating plastic waste and the benefits of using upcycled products in sustainability.

While emphasising the idea behind Econscious, the Co-Founder, Vaibhav Verma said, “A travel trip to mountains and littering scenario over there completely changed my perspective towards plastic waste.

As I was studying waste management, it helped me begin with my journey of creating awareness and recycling.”

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