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E-bikes fighting Pollution & Traffic Jams !

E-bikes fighting Pollution & Traffic Jams !

With a fleet of 8,500 bicycles and 2500 electric bikes, Yulu is providing last-mile connectivity while reducing carbon emissions. And, they plan to expand in 50+ cities by the end of 2020!

“Yulu started its operations with an aim to address the rising air pollution and traffic congestion. We want to solve the problem of traffic congestion and air pollution in India using technology. We believe Electric Vehicles (EV) are the future of mobility, for known reasons like good quality of air and our vehicles are setting the trend for EV adoption in big cities of India,” says Amit Gupta, the founder of Yulu. 

Yulu as a platform provides “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) through smaller and efficient clean energy vehicles called Yulu Move and Miracle. Yulu Move are bicycles and Yulu Miracle is an electric bike which functions on a swappable lithium-ion battery introduced in March, 2019. Miracle is designed for urban traffic conditions can reach a maximum speed of 25 Km. A single charge can take the e-bike upto 60 km. 

The platform works on a pay-per-use model where, a first time user needs to register on the app with a refundable security deposit. The ‘MOVE + MIRACLE’ plan requires a deposit of Rs. 250 which is refundable. 

Since Yulu began its operations in January 2018, it has prevented over 935 tonnes of carbon emissions. This has been calculated by looking at the total mileage covered by Yulu vehicles and what the emissions would have been (based on existing statistics) if that distance was covered by other vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

Yulu has now scaled up its operations in cities like Pune, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar and has over 1.5 million customers who are availing their services. Yulu now has the largest fleet of bicycles and e-bikes in India with about 8,500 bicycles and 2500 micro-light electric two-wheelers. They plan to introduce Yulu service in 50+ cities by the end of 2020. 

“Our goal is to introduce Yulu services in all Tier 1 and Smart cities in India. We expect to be the largest micro-mobility player in India and have one million electric two-wheelers by 2022. We also hope to explore launching this service outside of India by forming strategic partnerships,” says the founder signing off.

Reference: The Better India

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