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HHF launches Telemedicine helpline to help flood affected citizens in Hyderabad

HHF launches Telemedicine helpline to help flood affected citizens in Hyderabad

With floods engulfing the entire Hyderabad and more than 75 per cent of population vulnerable to outbreak of seasonal diseases, the Helping Hand Foundation (HHF), an NGO from Hyderabad has come forward to serve the healthcare needs of the people.

As part of this, the HHF authorities have recently launched telemedicine helpline and providing door to door delivery of medicines for the people affected with the recent floods in the city and surrounding areas of Hyderabad.

As already the people of Hyderabad are battered by COVID-19 pandemic, on the top of it, the recent floods have made the lives of people all the more worse. Taking this into cognizance, the HHF has come out to serve the people suffering with ailments particularly in the flood affected areas.

According to Mujtaba Hasan Askari of HHF, the NGO had already served more than 10,000 COVID-19 affected patients in Hyderabad by providing them virtual treatment facilities during the past one month in Hyderabad. Now with the city once again hit by the unexpected floods, the HHF authorities have decided to rescue those people who are at the risk of contracting water born diseases.

“As per our recent door to door survey of flood hit regions of Hyderabad, more than 70 per cent people are suffering from fungal infections, 10 per cent are suffering with fever and other body ache ailments, while another 20 per cent population are suffering with diarrhea. This clearly spells the need to rescue the people not just from floods, but also from diseases. Therefore we have decided to launch telemedicine services and also planning to do door to door delivery of medicines to the affected people,” observed Askari.

In many areas the water has receded but the muck and slush has made difficult for people to come out and access medical and health care services. Moreover, people are in a state of shock and distress as everything around them is badly damaged and destroyed. Priority for such people is to first get the house in order. People are requesting for door delivery of health services in many areas as per the study done by the NGO.

“We have never seen such a kind of flood disaster in Hyderabad in 100 years. To overcome the possibility of after math outbreak of diseases, HHF along with government health authorities and other health care workers are carrying fever kits, fever surveillance forms and medicines and reaching every house to check for sick children and adults in the water ravaged areas,” added Askari.

Reference: Pharmabiz

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