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Need access to Medicines? Visit- Medicalwale.com

Need access to Medicines? Visit- Medicalwale.com

Medicalwale.com, an omni-channel healthcare platform, has tied-up with over 5,000 local pharmacies in Mumbai to help people get access to medicines and health essentials while staying quarantined in their homes.

Users can now easily order medicines, OTC products and daily products as the platform works tirelessly round the clock with pharmacy stores, distributors and manufacturers. The company’s aim is to create chain of health solutions connecting all the stakeholders in health, beauty and fitness ecosystem and making users sole owner/decision maker and increase human life by more than 10 years.

“We are committed to be with all our partners and users and persevering together in all the days and years ahead. Our team is extensively working on enhancing this connection and adding more stakeholders such as distributors, pharmaceutical companies, lab centers and others,” says founder and CEO, Obaid Abdul Aziz, Medicalwale.com.

The company has launched several initiatives to help people get through the tough lockdown time that India faces today due to the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the company launched a service called ‘Night Owls’ which delivers medicines at the doorstep even after dusk. “Access to medicines 24 hours is a basic right of all the citizens as a medical emergency can never be pre-determined. With our Night Owls service, we will now be able to deliver medicines at the doorstep of users at ease at any hour during the night as well,” added Aziz.

The company is planning to expand into five more cities and is also targeting 5 million+ users connected with Medicalwale ecosystem.

Aziz added, “We are soon launching “Gni – Aapka Health Assistant”, which is an artificial intelligence enabled voice bot. Gni will understand your body needs and will help you live a healthier and longer life. With Gni actions such as – booking a doctor’s appointment, logging your calorie intake, measuring your blood pressure, reminding you to take your pills or suggesting what should you eat today – can happen as a cool conversation with a friend.”

The company also launched Doctor’s Business and Internal Operations Management System (DBIOMS), an easy-mobile solution for doctors to run their businesses. Connecting doctors via Docnity, discussing case studies, keeping a track of all the patients, having a business ledger, writing e-prescriptions, purchasing products in bulk (B2B) are few salient features of this system.

Founded in 2016, Medicalwale.com is a futuristic healthcare platform, designed to ease all health related queries. Medicalwale has over 50 ways for our users to take preventive and curative measures in Saathi App.

Reference: Pharmabiz

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