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No looking back for the upliftment of the youth !!

No looking back for the upliftment of the youth !!

The village of Raipura in the Chitrakoot tehsil of Uttar Pradesh, has over 30 IAS, IPS, PCS or PPS officials. Every other home in this village has youth, who in one way or the other, are serving as government staff or officials.

According to a report in Jagran, the success of these youth can be attributed to the relentless efforts of retired Principal Dr Mahendra Prasad Singh.

When he was serving at the Government Inter college in Jalaun, he would often help students with history, as he was good at it. Post-retirement, in 1993, he returned to his village in Raipura and dedicated his life to the upliftment of the rural youth.

For the longest time, he helped intermediate level students with tips for studying history and in 2008, he established a trust.

Every year, during the festival of Dussehra, the trust felicitates students from all classes in the village who have secured the first, second and third ranks. The trust even helps aspiring youngsters prepare for engineering and medical entrance exams.

For those facing financial difficulties while applying for these exams, the trust provides monetary assistance too. From leading officials to government staff working in different verticals, all the students from the village who have successfully earned their rightful place, reunite at the Dussehra festivities in the village.
Reference: The Better India

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