Send me to school..not to work !

The term Child Labor is used for employment of children below a certain age, which is considered illegal by law and custom. The stipulated age varies from country to country and government to governmentChild labor is a world phenomenon which is considered exploitative and inhuman by many international organizationsAccording to the statistics given by International Labor Organization there are about ... Read More »

Indian Health Tech platform by Temasek !

Singapore’s Temasek is looking to build and nurture a health-tech platform in India as an extension to its existing healthcare platform Sheares, where most of its Asian healthcare businesses are anchored, senior officials of the fund told ET. “We have an operating team in Singapore and are looking to scale up our operations in India. As the country’s healthcare sector is ... Read More »

The same tap..98% less water !

It’s a fact: Earth is in the grips of a global water crisis. According to UN Water around 2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world’s population, live in areas of water scarcity. By 2025 more than 3 billion people could be living in water-stressed countries—and 14 countries will slip from water stress to water scarcity.It’s difficult to change ... Read More »

Robotic Surgery Technology by Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital, Mulund, one of the leading healthcare solution provider of Maharashtra, has installed Da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical system, the most advanced Robotic surgery technology in the world. The four-armed surgical robotic system will be used for the specialties of urology, oncology, gynaecology, head & neck and gastrointestinal surgery. The surgical system was inaugurated in presence of Dr S Narayani, Zonal ... Read More »

Planting compulsory for students-Rajasthan !

The country is losing its green cover at a rapid rate. But that is nothing new. What matters are the proactive people and the government policies conducive to bring a massive change in the dark scenario. The Rajasthan government has ordered the launch of four such environmental initiatives in its state-run engineering colleges with the idea of eco-conservation in celebration ... Read More »

Indian Pharma Industry to grow 11-13% in 2020

Inidan Pharmaceutical Industry is likely to grow by 11-13 per cent in the current fiscal, rating agency Icra said on Thursday.“The growth trajectory for the Inidan Pharmaceutical Industry  is likely to remain at 11-13 per cent in FY2020, on the back of healthy demand from the domestic market, given increasing spend on healthcare along with improving access,” Icra said in ... Read More »

Save Energy..Save Electricity !

The best way to start saving on your electricity costs is to get smart with how you use electricity.  When it comes to saving electricity, there are a number of ways to go about conserving. Use of light color on walls, require less lighting and thus saves electricityIf you have central air conditioning, do not close vents in unused roomsPurchase ... Read More »

By 2030, Indian Pharma Industry aspires to grow to $120-130 billion !

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is aspiring to touch USD 120-130 billion by 2030 from the current USD 38 billion, industry body Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) said on Wednesday. To achieve the the goals of Vision 2030, the stakeholders need to work on accelerating the goal of universal healthcare across India and the world by providing access to high-quality affordable drugs. ... Read More »

New healthcare Innovation Lab !

Sanofi and Google will establish a new virtual Innovation Lab with the ambition to radically transform how future medicines and health services are delivered by tapping into the power of emerging data technologies. “We stand on the forefront of a new age for biology and human health, with the opportunity to transform healthcare through partnerships with pioneering technology and analytics ... Read More »

Make every drop of water count !

Water is our precious natural resource which every person needs to survive. … Thus we are focusing on save water save life and also save the world. Check and fix any water leaksDon’t wash dishes with the water running continuously.Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then reuse it to water houseplantsUse a commercial car wash that recycles waterTake shorter showers ... Read More »

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