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World Nature Conservation Day 2021

World Nature Conservation Day 2021

Celebrated on July 28 annually, the World Nature Conservation Day serves as a reminder to preserve our natural resources. It is observed to raise awareness about healthy environment as the premise of a stable and healthy society. Every human being is responsible for the conservation of nature and each individual must participate in protecting the environment. Together, we need to work towards a sustainable world to ensure the well being of the present as well as future generations.

The good news is to make a difference, you don’t need to break your fixed deposit or approach money lenders or investors. The way to conserve nature is through simple everyday activities. You can engage in small yet significant steps with your family and make a huge difference from your home itself.

Opt for Reusable Straws and Water bottles
Ditch the ocean menace known as plastic straws and invest in recyclable choices such as bamboo, metal, BPA-free, glass, stainless steel or copper. You can also try to use the paper lying in your house in multiple ways. Use one side of your newspaper when you want to make notes. Use hand towels instead of paper tissues.

Start a sustainable diet
What does meal have to do with conserving nature? Well, they leave a huge carbon footprint if not sourced in ways friendly for the environment. Start a new diet at home by switching to seasonal and local plant-based products. Carbon-cutting options involve entirely giving up animal-based foods.

Ditch Single-use Plastic at home
Phasing out containers made of single-use plastic can be environment-friendly. Swap for sustainable alternatives such as reusable glass and stainless steel. Shift to cloth or paper bags instead of plastic bags for grocery shopping.

Think Energy-efficient Appliances
Invest in energy-saving appliances whenever possible. Start by switching to LED light bulbs. They consume less energy and more importantly, reduce the electricity bill in the long run.

Start your Compost
Composting is a smart and efficient way to reduce the amount of waste from your house that goes to landfill and also improve your backyard garden. You can take almost any leftover from the kitchen such as vegetable scraps, eggshells and tea bags.

Make a Bird Feeder
A milk carton is the closest thing to a bird feeder you can get your hands on. It’s an activity children at home will be happy to help with. You can hang the bird feeder on your balcony or on a tree in your garden.

Craft Planters
Turn unused things around the house into something more useful. Coconut shells or old tyres can be easily converted with a little bit of creativity. Alternatively, food containers and jars can be reused for storing purposes as well.

On World Nature Conservation day it is important to remember that as much as technological advancement transforms our lives, we will still remain a part of nature and depend on it for our survival. The occasion reminds us that conservation of nature is paramount for our planet’s health and the survival of the organisms that reside here. With the impending threat of climate crisis, and global warming, it is becoming clearer every day how short-sighted human activities are threatening nature and its natural ways.

Reference: news18.com

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