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Small steps-Huge Difference !!

Small steps-Huge Difference !!

Since July 2, 2018, kids living in the Tiljala slum, located close to the Mahadevi Birla World Academy in Park Circus, Kolkata, have had home food, all thanks to the Any Time Food (ATF) Fridge that has been set up by the students and teachers of the school.

The school spent considerable time in understanding how existing Food ATMs worked; they then visited the slum area to see what food items would be needed before launching the food ATM. A group of students also made a short film on all they had seen, so that the others in school could watch and learn.

While the students were busy studying various subjects, being a part of changing things, while not losing touch with reality, would teach them so much more.
From Monday to Friday, between 2.45 pm and 3 pm, kids between the ages of 6 to 14, line up for the gates to be opened.

They take home various food items that include bread, milk, pulses, dalia, biscuits, raw vegetables and fruits.

Every evening, two or three senior school students who stay back voluntarily to help to distribute the food.
Being a part of this project has instilled not just discipline but is also teaching the senior students how to delegate, manage what they have, and plan for what is needed. It’s truly an important lesson for the students.

We hope that more schools come forward and devise ways in which students can help be a part of a larger change in society.

Reference: The Better India

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