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‘Smart ICU’ launched by Cytecare Hospitals !

‘Smart ICU’ launched by Cytecare Hospitals !

Cytecare Hospitals has launched the ‘Smart ICU’ after it teamed up with Cloudphysician Healthcare, a healthcare technology company. This is to enable round-the-clock management of critically-ill patients through remote surveillance and enhanced support for in-house teams of intensivists.

Speaking at the launch, Suresh Ramu, co-founder & CEO, Cytecare Hospitals said, “The last couple of months have demonstrated the transformative power of technology, particularly in healthcare. Our collaboration with Cloudphysician is part of our constant effort to build technological capabilities for effective and seamless healthcare delivery. We need to embrace more proactive plans of care powered by innovative technologies. The Smart ICU setup offers valuable benefits of continuous remote surveillance, round the clock management, continuity of care, and electronic records of patient-related information. There’s no denying that the pandemic continues to pose significant challenges, but we must also look at the opportunities to learn and evolve from this experience.”

Studies show that continuous remote surveillance in ICUs can help prevent infections, facilitate early detection of organ failures and timely resuscitation of patients, help in devising disease-specific protocols as well as effective strategies for blood transfusion and utilisation of lung-protective ventilation. A Smart ICU system can facilitate timely, evidence-based care and significantly reduce errors.

Dr Dhruv Joshi, co-founder, Cloudphysician said, “We are excited about partnering with Cytecare to assist faster and better recovery of cancer patients in ICUs. The focus is on using state-of-the-art technologies to make data-driven decisions while providing patients with continuous service and support.”

Reference: Pharmabiz

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