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Some insights through the eyes of a marathon runner !

Some insights through the eyes of a marathon runner !

Marathons are a great metaphor for careers, building businesses and winning in life!

Here are few perceptions from one of our associate’s marathon experiences:

1. You don’t run 42km once, You run one kilometer forty-two times.
Focus on the present. And only on the present.

2. A marathon is a 10km race with a 32km warmup. Start slow, finish strong. 
Compounding is back-ended.

3. Every uphill has a downhill.
Things are never as good or as bad they seem.

4. To finish first, you must first finish.
It’s ok to walk if you are tired, but keep moving forward.

5. It never gets easier, you only get faster.
Keep growing and raising your ambition.

6. We only see the runners in front of us, never those behind us.
Appreciate everything you have and how far you have come in life.

7. The hardest part is not finishing, it is believing you can finish.
Self belief is your greatest source of strength.

8. A marathon is not run on the road. It is run in the six inches between your ears.
Mental toughness trumps physical strength.

9. For every minute you gain on the first half, you will give back three in the second half.
Stay patient and stick to your plan.

10. It takes a team to run a marathon alone.
Acknowledge your family, friends, colleagues, teachers and mentors who have made you who you are.

Reference: VIVAN’s Internal team

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