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SPORTHO- India’s 1st destination for sports medicine !

SPORTHO- India’s 1st destination for sports medicine !

Sparsh Hospital has now opened a sports-dedicated medical center, SPORTHO. The new centre has a team of specialists and is equipped with the latest technologies for fitness and treating sports-related injuries.

The SPORTHO team also includes orthopedic surgeons, sports psychologists, strength and conditioning experts, physiotherapists, nutritionists and cardiologists who are committed to working in tandem for speedier sports injury recovery and fitness of the sportspersons. The center is located in Sparsh Hospital’s Infantry Road Unit in Bengaluru.

The panel of experts are Padmanaban Sekaran, a specialist physiotherapist and an internationally acclaimed movement therapist along with Dr. Rudra Prasad and Dr. Harish Puranik, arthroscopy surgeons and sports medicine specialists.

According to Dr. Sharan Patil, orthopaedic surgeon, chairman and founder, Sparsh Hospital who inaugurated SPORTHO, said that it was critical to consider a holistic image of sports healthcare from the grassroots level.

“We need to look at a specific, sports-related healthcare system that can address the needs of the sporting fraternity across all levels. SPORTHO is a commitment by Sparsh born out of this desire. As the first sports-dedicated healthcare facility in Karnataka, we bring together the latest technologies, the expertise and the care to help sportspeople – professional, amateurs and in training, to win over injury without compromising their careers,” he added.

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