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What’s important while eating? The taste or the stone in the bite??

What’s important while eating? The taste or the stone in the bite??

*A great thought* 

*In a restaurant, one well-known chef cooked very tasty pulav using high quality rice. As soon as the pulav was ready, its aroma spread all over. Everyone’s mouth started watering 😋*
*Now they were all eager to taste the pulav. About a hundred people were served the pulav.* 

*Just when every one was about to take the first bite & put it in their mouth, the chef came and said that there is a small stone in the pulav. As it was of the same color and size of the rice grain, he couldn’t find it. He said as it may come in anybody’s plate he would want them to be careful while eating & the stone might injure them if it comes in between the teeth.* 🤔🤭😯

*The flavor of the pulav is good…. the taste is also great but now the fun of eating has gone. Everyone was like forcefully swallowing one bite after other without paying attention to the taste while eating. The more they became aware, there was no talk, no gossip among them. All were quite & silent. Before the start of the meal it was fun to be together. Now even though they were together, one by one, they fell into a trance. Everyone ate until the end. Even the last bite was taken carefully*. 🧐

*After completing the meal everyone sighed relief for not getting the stone.  They washed their hands. Just then, someone noticed that no one got the stone* 🤔😖

*Then they called the chef &  asked him ‘you had said that one of us will get the stone while eating!* 🥵 

*The chef said ‘I had removed most of the stones, but if there was one left by mistake, I wanted to warn you* 😟

*They started looking at each other. There was no discussion about the very delicious pulav. Everyone was exhausted after the meal, because the ease of eating had gone.  They had found it was so hard to eat* !!🙃🙃

*Due to this pandemic at present, our condition has become like the stone in the pulav. It is not possible to say who will get this stone.*

*Ease of living is gone. Even the helping hand which comes forward, we think will get Corona? Milkman, vegetable vendor, grocer,… while buying every necessities of life, we are worrying  what will come with it & this is how we are living our lives*!.!

*Earler when one sneezed, we said ‘God Bless’ But now we think whether nature has pulled out our file or what…? No one knows how many days this will continue*. 

*But it is a humble request not to let your happy life become useless like the delicious pulav. Don’t read negative news, posts. Read  motivating posts, information,  books. Cultivate hobbies and buy happiness in kilos & tons just from yourself!* 

Reference: VIVAN’s Internal Team

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