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Zero-Waste: This society in Mumbai is goals !

Zero-Waste: This society in Mumbai is goals !

In 2010, when Shrikant Parab, a startup consultant and the secretary of Andheri’s Shatdal Society, started working in the space of waste management, he recalls that a leading international company within his network offered him a 2000 metric tonne (MT) waste processor.

When he proposed the use of the model to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, the project did not culminate into reality.

Parab realised that the residents of the city were responsible for this mess because if it wasn’t for the insurmountable waste generated by them, the families living near dumpsites would lead better lives.

While he couldn’t make a difference at the civic body level, Parab decided to begin with small steps, i.e., tackle the waste problem in his society.

Spread across 2.5 acres with over 100 flats, Parab’s only support was Dr Rupe Divattia. It took the duo more than a year to convince the committee members to even give the concept a nod.

“Lack of space, inconvenience to residents, foul smell and breeding of mosquitoes were some of the issues that were raised against processing the waste.”

After multiple negotiations, the members agreed, and the first vermicompost unit, with a capacity of five-tonne, was set up on January 20, 2014. The metal grilled box pit took close to three months to fill up to its full capacity, and once the earthworms worked their magic, the waste turned into manure in 45 days.

The exceptional results from the first vermicompost unit pushed the society to invest in two more vermicompost units of the same capacity and process their organic waste.

Till date, the society has prevented more than 192 MT of waste from ending up in a landfill by vermicomposting!

Reference: The Better India

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