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Each one teach One how to Plant One !!

Each one teach One how to Plant One !!

Planting trees is not only a nice thing to do – it’s one way each of us can help improve the environment.
In this changing time, with rise in carbon emissions, it is vital that we conserve trees.

  • Every day number of tress disappear from the face of the earth. Every tree that is planted soaks up many tons of carbon from the atmosphere while it grows
  • Four trees planted around a home can save up to 30% on summer cooling costs
  • Forty trees remove 80 pounds of air pollutants annually
  • Four hundred trees capture 140,000 gallons of rainwater annually

What we do at VIVAN

  • At VIVAN, Environment is an important area of focus in our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • We ensure every VIVANian understand the importance of Environment and the things one should do to preserve the gift of nature. Conducting regular programs to all Associates, with specific objectives
  • Every Associate here is encouraged for plantation and preserving of earth soil, and their effort would provide more Green credits to concerned VIVANians, which definitely adds to few credits during their Appraisals
  • Regular information sharing on Environmental preservation, with up to date methods and systems

Do Visit: https://www.vivanls.com

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