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Pharmacies: an Essential part of Healthcare Infrastructure
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Pharmacies: an Essential part of Healthcare Infrastructure

Pharmacies should be considered as an integral part of the healthcare infrastructure and government should allow tax breaks on essential medical supplies, according to industry sources.

Further to this, it should be given rebates, incentives, subsidies to make sure that pharmacies thrive and are able to provide essentials medicines to the last leg, according to Arushi Jain, executive director, StayHappi Pharmacy.

The new government rule which enables smooth home delivery of medicines by a pharmacist from a retail outlet will benefit much especially senior population which virtually lives alone.

To promote health, safety and consistency for associates and customers, the company promotes social distancing markers, follow medical guidelines and avoid putting undue risk on people and community members by limiting crowding and close contacts.

The company also stated that it is providing face masks, gloves, head covers and sanitisers to employees at stores and distribution centers, to better protect workers against the spread of COVID-19 and also expect to implement “1-out-1-in basis.” which may further ensure safety of our workers and customers.

 “To cope up with COVID-19 scenario, we are sending out delivery boys to pick up medicines from distributors and also have backup delivery partners for pickup and delivery in case of emergencies,” Jain said.

“As the COVID-19 situation continues, we as leaders and will continue to listen to advise from medical experts and consider how we can best serve people while helping slow the spread of virus. The health and safety of our community and team members while ensuring availability of essential items is what matters the most,” added Jain.

Earlier pharmacies were facing trouble in transportation of medicines from manufacturers to distributors.

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